Bacterial 16S rRNA gene fragment sequences (230–562 bp) in the following seawaters (obtained from 2011 to 2013) were analyzed. Please refer to Teramoto et al., 2019 for details. 



Muroto, Kochi 

  Mesopelagic (320 m; depth): DRA001052, DRA005075, DRA005076

  Surface (0.5 m): DRA001054, DRA001053


  Mesopelagic at Kumejima (612 m): DRA005079

  Surface at Okinawa main island (0 m): DRA005081

  Surface at Ishigaki island (0 m): DRA005080

Suruga, Shizuoka 

  Mesopelagic (397 m): DRA001055

  Surface (0 m): DRA001056

Rausu, Hokkaido 

  Mesopelagic (350 m): DRA005078


Japan Sea

 Noto, Ishikawa 

  Mesopelagic (320 m): DRA001057 

  Surface (0 m): DRA001058

 Iwanai, Hokkaido 

 Mesopelagic (300 m): DRA005077