Exploration for useful marine microbes

We explore mainly for marine bacteria, as bacteria are so diverse and are thus supposed to show various functions. We utilize the microbes including their genetic resources.

Key Collaborators

  • Dr. Kenji Miyamoto (Plastic degradation project)
  • Dr. Masato Suzuki (Antibiotic exploration project) 
  • Dr. Shinya Ohta (MS-guided gemone mining)

Other Information

Funded by JSPS.


Recent Topics

  • Non-biodegradable plastic degrading bacteria

Huge amount of plastic garbage is now a big problem in the ocean. Thus, we are exploring surprising bacteria which degrade so-far non-biodegradable plastics for bioremediation and recycling.

  • A novel marine bacterium producing myxol.

Carotenoids have attracted great attention due to their beneficial effects on human health, e.g. their potential in the prevention of diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. We found a novel marine bacterium producing myxol, which is a carotenoid rarely found in nature. 

  • Genome analysis of a deep-sea bacterium

We analyzed almost-whole genome sequence of a psychrophilic bacterium Tenacibaculum ovolyticum da5A-8 (published), which was found to be abundant in a dee-sea water mass and show an interesting activity (manuscript in preparation).    

  • Marine bacteria producing novel antibiotics.

Discovery of novel antibiotics are necessary for use against emerging multiple-drug-resistant bacteria. We obtained novel bacteria which were able to inhibit the growth of globally threatening multi-drug resistant bacteria. We are now trying to isolate antibiotics from them using their whole genome sequence.

  • Metabolite analysis of a bacterium which dominated in a deep-sea environment.

One bactetium dominated in a deep-sea environment. We are now trying to elucidate why it was there by analyzing its metabolites.

  • Marine bacteria producing oils which can be used as (bio)fuel.

We obtained such a bacterium!  :D